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Professional Legal Advice in Whitefish, MT

Are you in need of an experienced lawyer or mediator? Look no further! Attorney Randy K. Schwickert has more than 45 years of experience in the legal field, serving clients across Whitefish, MT, and the surrounding areas. Our legal team specializes in family law, providing legal assistance with everything from estate planning and guardianship to prenuptial agreements, conservatorships, and adoptions. We also provide business planning services and real estate legal counsel, making us the perfect team for all your legal matters. 

Family Law
Estate Planning


Experienced Lawyer

Randy K. Schwickert has been practicing law since 1974. His many years of experience allow him to understand the unique challenges that you face. From adoption to probate, he—along with our legal team—has successfully handled disputes in a comprehensive range of legal areas. We are passionate about helping you through what can often be a trying time, and we’ll go above and beyond to facilitate an agreeable outcome for both parties.

Personalized Service

Our office specializes in family law disputes, including divorce and child custody. We understand that these issues are sensitive, and we’ll treat you with fairness and respect throughout the mediation proceedings. We make the process easier by providing you with compassionate attention in a safe, private space where both sides can reach an agreement.

Affordable Mediation

Mediation is a much more affordable alternative to litigation and can often be much faster than resolving the case in court. On average, Randy can guide clients through a divorce in just one or two meetings. Though he is an attorney, he can’t provide legal advice while acting as a mediator. However, his experience can help the process move more quickly because he knows the ins and outs of every step.

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With over four decades spent serving the greater Flathead Valley region, Randy K. Schwickert is a lawyer you can count on. Our office provides reliable and affordable legal services for clients in a variety of fields. Call us today to schedule a consultation.