Estate planning in Whitefish, MT

With all the complexities that come with divorce or estate planning, you need a lawyer with the proper experience to guide you through the process. The law office of Randy K. Schwickert has provided legal services for clients across Whitefish, MT, and the surrounding areas since 1974. With compassion and sensitivity, we help families and business owners navigate every aspect of estate and probate, making the process as hassle free as possible.



Opting for mediation instead the courts for divorce and other matters of family law can save you thousands of dollars in fees. By choosing our mediation process over court proceedings, you’ll have the chance to resolve your disputes in an environment of open communication and confidentiality. Because the process targets a win-win solution, mediation often helps preserve or salvage the interrelationship between the parties, promoting healing where one side feels tremendously aggrieved and allowing parties to maintain their business, employment, or personal relationship.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

A guardianship gives a person the authority to protect and make decisions for another, while a conservatorship provides a person the authority to manage another person’s financial affairs. It is most commonly appropriate in a situation where a disabled child reaches the age of 18 and is considered an adult but lacks the skills and judgment of an adult and where a person, due to medical issues, addiction or aging becomes incapacitated and lacks the judgment to make decisions for themselves. It is a process overseen by the courts to assure the authority is appropriate for the circumstances. We’re well versed in the nuances of issues like guardianship and conservatorship, and we’ll provide important information that allows you to make compassionate decisions about your family’s future.

Estate Planning & Probate

Discussions between family members can be difficult and emotional, which is why it’s valuable to have an experienced lawyer like Randy K. Schwickert there to oversee the proceedings. He’ll guide you through designating your beneficiaries, avoiding probate, and minimizing inheritance taxes so that everyone comes away feeling comfortable with the plan for your estate.

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Business Planning

Starting a new business can quickly become overwhelming without the proper guidance. With our help, you can be prepared to navigate any disputes that arise. Whether it’s a conflict between partners or a claim from an employee, Randy and the rest of our staff will professionally handle the situation, saving your small business from the financial devastation of exorbitant legal fees. We’ll continue to assist your business beyond its beginning, so you’ll have a legal team to rely on as your company grows.

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